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Adoxa     (2Z,4S,4aR,5S,5aS,6R,12aS)-2- (amino...

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  • Specifically, loss of one p53 allele dramatically facilitates the progression of mammary tumors to a Wnt1-independent state both by impairing the regression of primary tumors following doxycycline withdrawal and by promoting the recurrence of fully regressed tumors in the absence of doxycycline [28].
  • Elastase-induced aneurysmal degeneration was suppressed by treatment with a nonselective MMP inhibitor (doxycycline) and by targeted gene disruption of MMP-9, but not by isolated deficiency of MMP-12 [29].
  • TFF1 effects were investigated in IEC18, HCT116, and AGS gastrointestinal cells treated with recombinant human TFF1, and in stably transfected HCT116 cells synthesizing constitutive or doxycycline-induced human TFF1 [30].
  • Induction of NFIen in a subset of type II cells inhibited SP-C gene expression without affecting expression of TTF-1 in doxycycline-treated double-transgenic mice [31].
  • C. glabrata cells containing the CBF1 gene under the influence of a shutdown promoter (tetO-ScHOP) arrested their growth after 5 h of cultivation in the presence of the reactive drug doxycycline [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vibravenos


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