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Gene Review

SPA17  -  sperm autoantigenic protein 17

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CT22, Cancer/testis antigen 22, SP17, SP17-1, Sp17-1, ...
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Disease relevance of SPA17


Psychiatry related information on SPA17

  • Two synthetic peptides corresponding to the reported 28-residue sequence of Alzheimer's Disease beta-protein (SP28) and to residues 12-28 (SP17) were used to form fibrils in vitro [5].

High impact information on SPA17


Biological context of SPA17


Anatomical context of SPA17


Associations of SPA17 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of SPA17

  • Moreover, the Sp17 transcript was found differentially expressed in a RA synovial library that was subtracted with an OA synovial library [14].

Other interactions of SPA17


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SPA17


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