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Gene Review

Cdx2  -  caudal type homeo box 2

Rattus norvegicus

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Disease relevance of Cdx2

  • Cdx2 staining tendency was decreased in colon tumors and adenocarcinomas compared to normal mucosa and ACF, which stained in 100% of cases [1].
  • Cdx-2 homeodomain protein expression in human and rat colorectal adenoma and carcinoma [2].
  • This report describes a study using the rat insulinoma cell line RIN-1056A, which abundantly expresses both insulin and proglucagon (glu), and relatively high amounts of endogenous Cdx-2 [3].

High impact information on Cdx2


Biological context of Cdx2

  • These data indicate that HB-EGF gene expression can be regulated by Cdx2 and serves to mediate the control of Cdx2 of the proliferation and migration of IEC-6 cells [7].
  • Reporter gene analyses showed that the HB-EGF gene promoter is Cdx2 responsive and that the activity of the promoter in the IEC-6 cells depends on the number of consensus Cdx2-binding site-like sequences [7].
  • The caudal-related homeobox transcription factor (Cdx2) plays an important role in intestinal development, differentiation, and homeostasis [6].
  • Furthermore, expression of Cdx2 in IEC-6 cells conferred the ability to express a Math1 reporter gene containing a Math1 enhancer [8].
  • Forced expression of the Cdx2 gene in undifferentiated intestinal crypt cells induces the development of a differentiated phenotype [9].

Anatomical context of Cdx2


Associations of Cdx2 with chemical compounds

  • The skeletal alterations seen in vitamin A deficiency are associated with posterior shifts in the mesodermal expression of Hoxa-4, Hoxb-3, Hoxd-3, Hoxd-4, and Hoxa-9 mRNAs, whereas the anterior domains of Hoxb-4 and Cdx2 expression are unaltered [10].
  • Cdx1 and Cdx2, known to be transcriptional factors related to intestinal proliferation and differentiation, were more highly expressed in STZ, OLETF and GK rats than in the respective controls [11].
  • Force feeding a fructose diet gave rise to an increase in the binding of the dimeric nuclear protein (Cdx-2) to the SIF1 element [12].

Other interactions of Cdx2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cdx2

  • Identifying target genes regulated downstream of Cdx2 by microarray analysis [6].
  • METHODS: Nuclear protein bound to the lactase gene cis element, CE-LPH1, was analyzed by electrophoretic mobility shift assays and supershifts with Cdx2 antibody [4].
  • By immunohistochemistry with a polyclonal Cdx-2 antibody we have shown that Cdx-2 expression is markedly reduced in the later stages of human colorectal carcinogenesis, namely, high grade dysplasia and invasive carcinoma [2].


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