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Gene Review

TMOD1  -  tropomodulin 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: D9S57E, E-Tmod, ETMOD, Erythrocyte tropomodulin, TMOD, ...
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Other interactions of TMOD1

  • Among several tropomyosin isoforms tested, hTM5 encoded by the human gamma-tropomyosin gene has the highest affinity toward human erythrocyte tropomodulin [12].
  • Tropomodulin labeling also colocalizes with desmin and beta-amyloid proteins which are concentrated in the postsynaptic region [13].
  • The insertion of several homologous repeats in the midsection of the Graves protein, together with the extension of a proline-rich C terminus, accounts for the differences in length between the Graves protein (572 residues) and tropomodulin (359 residues) [2].
  • Among the potentially relevant genes, PIP 5K1C, VIP, tropomodulin, and MMP2 encoded mediators known to influence outflow resistance [17].
  • The distribution of actin filaments is regulated by the binding of end-binding proteins, including capping protein (CapZ in muscle), the Arp2/3 complex, gelsolin, formin and tropomodulin, to the end of the actin filament [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TMOD1


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