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Self Mutilation

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Disease relevance of Self Mutilation


Psychiatry related information on Self Mutilation


High impact information on Self Mutilation

  • Both self-mutilation and impulsivity showed significant negative correlations with Bmax, although the two groups did not differ in CSF 5-HIAA levels or in platelet imipramine binding [8].
  • A more intensive study was done of another individual who committed murder and self-mutilation under the influence of PCP [9].
  • It is manifest by behavioral abnormalities, including self-mutilation, and evidence of abnormal 3,4-dihydroxyphenylethylamine (dopamine) metabolism [10].
  • It appears, therefore, that the caffeine model is not a true model for the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, or alternatively, that the deficit in hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase is coincidental and not a main key to the multifarious aspects of the syndrome, particularly the self-mutilation [11].
  • These behaviors typically involved an oral component and included grooming and mouthing following SKF-38393 in depleted 10-day-old pups, mouthing following administration of either agonist to depleted weanlings, and probing and intense self-mutilation (forepaw and tongue biting) following the combined agonists in depleted weanlings [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Self Mutilation


Anatomical context of Self Mutilation

  • A further role for central mechanisms was indicated since referred hyperalgesia--the enhancement of self-mutilation (autotomy) of a denervated limb which had previously sustained a heat injury--was reduced by spinal anesthesia or a combined blocking of C-fiber afferents and sympathetic efferents with intrathecal capsaicin + guanethidine [18].

Gene context of Self Mutilation


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Self Mutilation

  • Although 3 patients experienced self-mutilation, no consistent abnormalities were found in the temperature-stability of their HGPRT at 4 degrees C and 70 degrees C, or in isoelectrofocusing of HGPRT purified by immunoprecipitation [24].
  • The habitual self-mutilation group had significantly higher scores on the Beck Depression Inventory-II, Bulimia Investigatory Test of Edinburgh, and Adolescent Dissociative Experience Scale than either of the two control groups (P < 0.001) [25].


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