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Pregnancy Maintenance

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Disease relevance of Pregnancy Maintenance


High impact information on Pregnancy Maintenance

  • Hence, our data shed light on a hierarchical network of immune integration at the feto-maternal interface, in which ICAM-1/LFA-1 cross talk is clearly a proximate mediator capable of disrupting successful pregnancy maintenance [3].
  • Plasma levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide in women--a potential role in pregnancy maintenance and labor [4]?
  • Like its human counterpart hCG-beta with which it shares 81% identity, macaque (m)CG-beta is a cystine knot-containing subunit that assembles with an alpha-subunit common to all glycoprotein hormone members of its species to form a biologically active heterodimer, mCG, which, like hCG, is required for pregnancy maintenance [5].
  • In two in vivo rodent models of progestational activity, a pregnancy maintenance assay and a uterine wet weight assay, the two eutomers displayed potent progesterone-like effects [6].
  • Thus, steroid-induced hypertrophied placentae in rats do not participate in a compensatory mechanism for steroid hormone production toward pregnancy maintenance [7].

Biological context of Pregnancy Maintenance


Anatomical context of Pregnancy Maintenance

  • OBJECTIVE: To review the literature on the roles of thyroid hormone in trophoblast function, early pregnancy maintenance, and fetal neurodevelopment [12].
  • PROBLEM: We previously reported a diminished expression of the heme-degrading enzymes heme oxygenases (HO)-1 and HO-2 in decidua and placenta from mice undergoing Th1-mediated abortion, strongly indicating the protective effect of HO in murine pregnancy maintenance [13].

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Gene context of Pregnancy Maintenance


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pregnancy Maintenance


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