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  • In the metencephalon, tal-2 expression was observed in the anterior pons, whereas tal-1 transcripts were detected in the entire pons, and showed stronger expression than tal-2 [14].
  • Agenesis of the mesencephalon and metencephalon with cerebellar hypoplasia: putative mutation in the EN2 gene--report of 2 cases in early infancy [15].
  • After the primary anterior-posterior patterning of the neural plate, a subset of wnt signaling molecules including Xwnt-1, Xwnt-2b, Xwnt-3A, Xwnt-8b are still expressed in the developing brain in a region spanning from the posterior part of the diencephalon to the mesencephalon/metencephalon boundary [16].
  • Fate mapping studies in chick have shown that at early stages the cerebellum derives from cells in the mesencephalon and metencephalon (mes-met) [17].
  • Proenkephalin-containing perikarya were located in all major subdivisions of the brain except the metencephalon [18].


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