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Stimulation, Chemical

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  • We have studied the responses to electrical and chemical stimulation of the ventrolateral medulla in the chloralose-anesthetized, paralyzed, artificially ventilated rat [22].
  • Chemical stimulation of nonischemic ipsilateral cortex by potassium chloride application (KCl group; n = 7) and saline (NaCl group; n = 5) was performed at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes following MCAO, and SD was detected electrophysiologically [23].
  • These results further corroborate some of the previous suggestions based on neurotoxic lesion, chemical stimulation and electrophysiological recordings [24].
  • Activity evoked by intracardiac injection of bradykinin was decreased by dorsal column stimulation in six of seven neurons that responded to chemical stimulation of afferents [25].
  • Salivary flow rates by mechanical stimulation with forced spitting method and by chemical stimulation with 10% citric acid were determined in 25 healthy adult subjects with a history of chronic tobacco-betel-lime "quid" chewing and in 25 healthy control adults with no history of chewing [26].

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