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Microscopy, Polarization

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  • The thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of these compounds was investigated by polarized light microscopy, DSC and X-ray scattering, and the influence of the length of the lateral chain on the mesomorphic properties was studied [23].
  • Routine screening of periapical lesions with polarization microscopy and identification of possible cellulose fibers with Calcofluor White is advocated [24].
  • To relate the present results to earlier studies, we examined mixtures of actin and filamin using a macroscopic assay of gelation (tube tipping assay), and polarized light microscopy [25].
  • Following caries-like lesion formation (modified ten Cate solution), longitudinal sections (three per tooth quarter, 54 lesions per group) were obtained and evaluated for mean lesion depths (water imbibition, polarized light microscopy, ANOVA, DMR) [26].

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