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Chemical Compound Review

Agreen     ethyl5-[(4,6- dimethoxypyrimidin-2...

Synonyms: Sirius, SureCN22006, NC-311, CHEMBL2313155, AC-18019, ...
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Disease relevance of NC-311


High impact information on NC-311

  • Both genetic and pharmacologic inhibition of Ctsb in the BDL mouse reduced (a). hepatic inflammation, as assessed by transcripts for CXC chemokines and neutrophil infiltration, and (b). fibrogenesis, as assessed by transcripts for stellate cell activation and sirius red staining for hepatic collagen deposition [6].
  • Fat morphology was assessed histologically on a subgroup of 10 patients and six controls: collagen fibres by Sirius Red staining, apoptosis by the TUNEL technique, vessels by smooth muscle alpha-actin staining and macrophages by CD68 staining [7].
  • Hepatic venous pressure gradient significantly correlated with fractional sinusoidal collapse area (r = 0.61, p less than 0.001) and with Sirius red-stained collagen fiber density (r = 0.43, p less than 0.01) [8].
  • A loss of inotropic reserve, uncovered during beta-adrenergic stimulation, and the presence of cardiac fibrosis, shown by increased Sirius red staining of collagen, were evident in the wild-type diabetic mice but not in the MT-overexpressing transgenic diabetic mice [9].
  • Moreover, early and postponed troglitazone treatments were equally effective in diminishing intrapancreatic fibrosis as quantified by Sirius red staining, hydroxyproline content, and laminin staining as well as the increased number of pancreatic stellate cells and pancreas levels of transforming growth factor-beta [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of NC-311

  • Collagen content was measured in 38 needle liver biopsies (8 steatosis, 8 chronic hepatitis, 7 fibrosis and 15 cirrhosis) by a new colorimetric method based on the selective capacity of Sirius red and Fast green to bind to collagen and noncollagenous proteins, respectively [11].
  • Fibrosis was assessed by Sirius Red staining and hydroxyproline hepatic content [12].
  • Inflammation and fibrosis were examined by hematoxin and eosin, and Sirius red staining [13].
  • The sirius-red staining of these liver tissue sections clearly showed the development of fibrosis and glutathione S-transferase placental type-positive preneoplastic nodules emerged at 7 weeks of the treatment [14].
  • By means of staining with Sirius Red F3BA in a saturated picric acid solution, the collagen contents of rat livers with varying degrees of fibrosis have been measured quantitatively in fixed and sectioned material, using both histophotometry in situ and extraction of bound dye with colorimetric analysis [15].

Biological context of NC-311


Anatomical context of NC-311

  • Furthermore, alpha smooth muscle actin immunohistochemistry and Sirius red staining showed an increase in the degree of fibrosis in CAR(+/+) mice fed the MCD diet at 16 weeks [21].
  • We measured collagen density on Sirius red-stained serial sections of the left ventricle (LV) with a photomicroscope equipped with specific software and assessed the gene expression of procollagen alpha1(I), atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGFbeta1), endothelin converting enzyme, and ET(B) receptor [22].
  • Fibrosis was assessed by computer-assisted morphometry in the interstitial space, around coronary arteries, in microscar areas, and on left ventricular sections stained with Sirius red and by biochemical techniques [23].
  • The amount of collagen and elastic fibers in the parenchymal strip was assessed semiquantitatively by point-counting in 5-micrometer-thick sections stained with either Sirius Red or Weigert's Resorcin-fuchsin. alpha-Smooth-muscle-specific actin was detected immunohistochemically [24].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The total collagen content within the tunica media was detected (Sirius red staining and image analysis), and collagen subtypes were evaluated using polarized light microscopy; under this condition thicker type I collagen fibers appear orange or red, whereas thinner type III collagen fibers are yellow or green [25].

Associations of NC-311 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of NC-311

  • Rats receiving control virus developed considerably more fibrotic lesions identified by Sirius Red staining and collagen I immunostaining compared to Sham rats, and eNOS gene delivery significantly reduced collagen accumulation. eNOS gene transfer also reduced TUNEL-positive apoptotic cells [31].
  • We performed a sirius red test for the overall collagen content and immunohistochemical studies examining differentiation between" collagen type I and type III and the expression of MMP-1 and MMP-13 [32].
  • The extent of interstitial collagen deposition measured with Sirius red and the accumulation of alpha-smooth muscle actin and TGF-beta protein after 6 and 12 mo were similar for both immunosuppressive regimens. mRNA levels of TGF-beta and collagens alpha1(I) and alpha1(III) were not significantly different in the treatment groups either [33].
  • Sirius red staining showed that kallikrein gene transfer reduced renal fibrosis, which was confirmed by decreased collagen I and fibronectin levels [34].
  • Collagen was stained with Sirius red, and mediators of inflammation were identified by immunolabeling (vascular cell adhesion molecule, nuclear factor-kappaB, infiltrating ED-1-positive macrophages and monocyte chemotactic protein-1) or by western blot (platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NC-311

  • Sirius red and GFP staining clearly indicated migrated BMCs existing along with fibers, with strong expression of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-9 shown by anti-MMP-9 antibodies and in situ hybridization [36].
  • Pancreatic fibrosis was assessed using the Sirius Red stain and immunohistochemistry for collagen type I. Pancreatic stellate cell activation was assessed by staining for alpha-smooth muscle actin (alphaSMA), desmin, and platelet-derived growth factor receptor type beta (PDGFRbeta) [37].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In this SIRIUS IVUS substudy, SES reduced both biologic variability and restenosis, resulting in increased predictability of long-term stent patency with postprocedure MSA [38].
  • These findings suggest that V(IntFib) determined by computerized image analysis of Sirius Red-stained protocol biopsies at 6 mo posttransplant, with or without incorporation of Banff acute and chronic scoring, may provide an early surrogate for time to graft failure in renal allograft recipients [39].
  • The tissue structural properties were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), collagen colorimetry and localization with Sirius red stain, mineral quantification, and localization with von Kossa stain and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) [40].


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