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Gene Review

FLNA  -  filamin A, alpha

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on LOC395261

  • TW 260/240 is quite distinct from smooth muscle filamin and macrophage actin-binding protein (APB), but, in spite of its higher contour length (265 nm), seems to be related to erythrocyte spectrin (194 nm for the tetramer) [1].
  • The synthesis and deployment of filamin in chicken skeletal muscle [2].
  • By use of light microscopy and fluorescence photobleaching recovery, we have studied (a) structures that form in a system composed of copolymerized rabbit muscle actin and chicken gizzard filamin and (b) the Brownian motion of inert tracer macromolecules in this matrix [3].
  • The cytoskeleton, marked by antibodies to desmin and filamin is composed of a mainly longitudinal, meandering and branched system of fibrils that contrasts with the plait-like, interdigitating arrangement of linear fibrils of the contractile apparatus, labeled with antibodies to myosin and tropomyosin [4].
  • Membrane extracts from chicken smooth muscle contain, along with filamin, vinculin and alpha actinin, a group of polypeptides that have the ability to interact with the "barbed end" of actin filaments [5].

Biological context of LOC395261


Anatomical context of LOC395261


Associations of LOC395261 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of LOC395261


Regulatory relationships of LOC395261

  • Villin inhibits filamin-induced F-actin gelation, but the effect can be overcome by increasing the amount of filamin [9].
  • However, a time course of agrin-induced clustering that focused on filamin revealed that most of the early AChR clusters (3-6 h) were not associated with detectable amounts of cytoskeletal material [20].
  • From these results, caldesmon and tropomyosin appeared to influence filamin binding to F-actin with different modes of actin [18].

Other interactions of LOC395261

  • Unlike other focal adhesion proteins, such as vinculin and talin, this filamin isoform is apparently not localized evenly throughout the entire area of adhesion, being absent from or greatly reduced in the distal portion of the area [21].
  • Filamin cross-links F-actin into networks that are more resilient, stiffer, more solid-like, and less dynamic than alpha-actinin and fascin [22].
  • Sedimentation assays show that villin does not inhibit gelation of actin by preventing filamin from binding to F-actin [9].
  • Reconstitution of Ca2+-sensitive gelation of actin filaments with filamin, caldesmon and calmodulin [23].
  • We determined the full cDNA sequences of chicken gizzard filamin and cgABP260 (chicken gizzard actin-binding protein 260) [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC395261


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