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Paraffin Embedding

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Disease relevance of Paraffin Embedding


High impact information on Paraffin Embedding

  • We demonstrated that the purified MoAb did not inhibit binding of MoAb CA19-9 to any colon Ca lines and reacted with fresh human colon carcinoma specimens regardless of whether they were processed by cryostat or paraffin embedding after fixation in formalin for 24 through 96 h [6].
  • The pathogenesis of 210Po-induced tumors in the peripheral lung of Syrian golden hamsters has been studied in a serial sacrifice experiment utilizing both plastic (glycol methacrylate) and routine paraffin embedding procedures for lung sections [7].
  • Here we describe an ethanol fixation and paraffin-embedding protocol that preserves tissue architecture and cellular morphology of the mouse endometrium, and allows for the recovery of high-quality RNA from microdissected cells [8].
  • However, when these tissues were studied after formalin fixation and paraffin embedding, a loss of nuclear staining was observed concurrent with the appearance of c-myc protein immunoreactivity in the cytoplasm [9].
  • AA-protein is not denatured by formalin and retains its typical electrophoretic, chromatographic, and immunologic characteristics even 30 years after fixation and paraffin-embedding [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Paraffin Embedding


Biological context of Paraffin Embedding


Anatomical context of Paraffin Embedding


Associations of Paraffin Embedding with chemical compounds

  • This antibody recognizes a protein antigen at the cell surface, which is preserved after formalin fixation and paraffin embedding [20].
  • Using a general strategy for evaluating clinical tissue specimens, we found that 70% ethanol fixation and paraffin embedding is a useful method for molecular profiling studies [21].
  • The influence of the sequential stages of conventional formaldehyde fixation and paraffin embedding of cutaneous tissue on monoclonal antibody labeling of cell surface antigens is described [22].
  • Under light microscopy the storage material was granular, intensely PAS-positive and dissolved by paraffin embedding [23].
  • With increasing age, GFA protein could be demonstrated using higher aldehyde concentrations, longer fixation times, and longer paraffin embedding schedules [24].

Gene context of Paraffin Embedding


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Paraffin Embedding


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