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Disease relevance of Hydrothorax


High impact information on Hydrothorax

  • These adverse effects were ameliorated/reversed upon drug withdrawal and were insulin-dependent since rats rendered totally insulinopenic by streptozotocin pretreatment did not develop TBAT changes or hydrothorax [6].
  • After surgical removal of the ovarian tumor and with resolution of ascites and hydrothorax, serum levels of IL-1beta, IL-6, and IL-8 declined, whereas tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels remained high [7].
  • The method was applied to the determination of aluminium in drinking waters, synthetic renal dialysate, sodium chloride injection, sucrafate, hydrothorax, blood, urine and hair samples [8].
  • Terbutaline decreased NRLA by 25% in 2 ml Ringer hydrothoraces, and increased it by 29% in 2 ml albumin-Ringer hydrothoraces; hence, with terbutaline NRLA became similar in both kinds of hydrothorax (0.40 +/- 0.02 ml/h), and 25% higher than with beta-blocker [9].
  • Liquid volume, Na+ and mannitol concentration in a hypertonic mannitol-Ringer hydrothorax [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hydrothorax

  • In anesthetised rabbits with a 2 ml hypertonic mannitol-Ringer hydrothorax in the right space 30 mM/L mannitol were required for an unchanged volume of the hydrothorax after 60 min [10].
  • The amounts of Na+ and Cl- in the right pleural space of anesthetized rabbits were determined 10 and 60 min after a 2 ml hydrothorax with the following solutions: Ringer, Ringer with an inhibitor of the Na(+)-Cl- coupled transport or of the Na+/K+ pump, Ringer with gluconate instead of Cl- or with methylglucamine instead of Na+ [11].
  • Described is a case of fetal congenital malformation with hydrothorax, for which left pulmonary hypoplasia was initially presumed by ultrasonography and for which hypoplasia was diagnosed postnatally only in the left lower pulmonary lobe by a pulmonary technetium Tc-99m scintigram [12].
  • Successful treatment of hepatic hydrothorax with octreotide [13].
  • Additionally, pulmonary edema and hydrothorax occurred in a pig (7.1 kg) that died after receiving 4 daily intravenous injections of fumonisin B1 [14].

Anatomical context of Hydrothorax


Gene context of Hydrothorax

  • Cyclophosphamide, dexamethasone and anti-ASGM1 antibody were most effective in increasing survival and inhibiting immune enhancement but differentially effective in inhibiting TNF induction (or in certain cases gamma interferon induction), decreasing ascites or hydrothorax or affecting lymphoid proliferation in the lungs and spleen [16].
  • A right-sided diaphragmatic hernia presented as a fetal hydrothorax [17].
  • Percutaneous ethanol injection via an artificially induced right hydrothorax for hepatocellular carcinoma in the hepatic dome [18].
  • Both DEX and LPS tolerance blocked development of hydrothorax in IL-2-treated mice and inhibited TNF induction [19].
  • To facilitate the use of PMCT for liver tumors in the hepatic dome, we developed PMCT in combination with the artificial hydrothorax method (percutaneous transdiaphragmatic MCT: PTD-MCT) [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hydrothorax


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