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Emergency Treatment

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  • OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine whether plasma eotaxin levels are elevated in patients presenting for emergency treatment of acute asthma and to correlate eotaxin levels with disease activity and responses to treatment [26].
  • We prospectively evaluated the time required to teach patients correct inhaler use for the emergency treatment of asthma and COPD, and patient factors associated with duration of teaching [27].
  • Recombinant t-PA appears to be an effective thrombolytic agent that may soon be standard emergency therapy for patients with AMI [28].
  • C1-INH concentrate was reserved for the emergency treatment of acute oedematous attacks, whereas tranexamic acid and danazol were administered for short- or long-term prophylaxis [29].
  • This combination may have a specific antipsychotic role in the emergency treatment of PCP psychosis [30].

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