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Pyloric Stenosis

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Disease relevance of Pyloric Stenosis


High impact information on Pyloric Stenosis


Chemical compound and disease context of Pyloric Stenosis


Anatomical context of Pyloric Stenosis

  • The results indicate a reduction of VIP and enkephalin fibers in smooth muscle in pyloric stenosis patients and may be interpreted to support the view that an impaired neuronal function is involved in the pathophysiology of pyloric stenosis [16].
  • In 28 infants with pyloric stenosis (IHPS), the presence of intense NSE activity in the ganglia in the pylorus suggested that these neurones were neither immature nor severely degenerated [17].
  • We have examined specimens from five patients with pyloric stenosis and from five controls immunocytochemically with respect to the density of nerve fibers containing VIP, substance P, enkephalin, or GRP [16].
  • For example, the male excess of "prune belly" or triad syndrome is considered due to the fact that most cases are secondary to obstruction in the penile urethra, and the male excess of pyloric stenosis is hypothesized as being secondary to the muscle hypertrophying effect of testosterone in the male neonate [18].

Gene context of Pyloric Stenosis

  • To our knowledge, the association of complete AIS, congenital glaucoma and pyloric stenosis has also never been reported previously [19].
  • RESULTS: The most striking difference between tissues from IHPS patients and controls was the marked increase in IGF-I, IGF-IR alpha, IGF-IR beta and PDGF-R in the hypertrophic circular muscle layer, and, to a lesser degree, in the longitudinal muscle in pyloric stenosis [20].
  • In pyloric stenosis, c-kit immunoreactivity was absent in the major part of the tissue [6].
  • HLA types and ABO blood groups in infants with pyloric stenosis and their mothers [21].
  • Immunochemical characterization of neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM), nitric oxide synthase, and neurofilament protein expression in pyloric muscle of patients with pyloric stenosis [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pyloric Stenosis


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