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Chemical Compound Review

BSPBio_002774     4-[ (1R,3S,5S,10S,11R,13R,14S,17S) -1,5,11...

Synonyms: KBioGR_002272, CCG-39760, NINDS_000905, SPBio_001128, NSC-757425, ...
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Biological context of ouabain


Anatomical context of ouabain

  • Experiments in which 24-Na, amiloride, or sodium-free mucosal solutions were used, revealed that a large, though variable, percentage of the sodium gained by cells exposed to oubain, came from the mucosal medium, a finding consistent with the model of passive sodium entry from the mucosal medium followed by active sodium extrusion to the serosa [12].
  • 5. Phosphoprotein formation and ATP-ADP phosphate exchange are not affected by azide, dinitrophenol, dicyclohexyl carbodiimide and oubain, whilst both activities are reduced by blockade of -SH groups localized on the outside of the sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane [13].
  • The ultrastructural cytochemical localization of a potassium-dependent oubain-sensitive nitrophenyl phosphatase (transport ATPase) activity in human blood platelets is described [14].
  • A panel of three bispecific monoclonal antibodies (bsMAbs) binding to follitropin (FSH) and to beta-galactosidase have been prepared by fusion of hybridoma cell lines resistant to oubain and neomycin [15].
  • Different sensitivities of acetylcholine-induced "after-hyperpolarization" compared to dopamine-induced hyperpolarization, to oubain or to lithium-replacement of sodium, in rabbit sympathetic ganglia [16].

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