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Chemical Compound Review

Loreclezol     1-[(Z)-2-chloro-2-(2,4...

Synonyms: Loreclezole, Loreclezolum, Tocris-1295, AC1MHWQV, CHEMBL1397886, ...
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Disease relevance of R 72063


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Biological context of R 72063


Anatomical context of R 72063

  • We used patch-clamp recording from outside-out and inside-out patches from L929 fibroblasts transiently transfected with rat GABAR subunits to examine the properties of inhibition of alpha1beta1gamma2L single channel currents by loreclezole [12].
  • 4. In the [3H]-FNZ binding studies on well-washed membranes, loreclezole enhanced binding to a maximum of 47.3 +/- 2.83% of control (mean +/- s.e.mean, n = 3) at 300 microM [13].
  • The recurrent discharges in the entorhinal cortex were reliably blocked by 80 microM loreclezole applied for 80-100 min [14].
  • The recurrent short discharges in the hippocampus were reliably blocked by 40 muM loreclezole 60-90 min after bath application with incomplete recovery after washout of several hours [14].
  • The rapid onset of activity indicates that loreclezole readily passes the blood-brain barrier [15].

Associations of R 72063 with other chemical compounds

  • We were interested to know how receptors containing both beta1 and beta2 subunits, in different positions respond to loreclezole and etomidate [16].
  • Thymol (1-100 microm) potentiation of responses to EC20 GABA for alpha1beta1gamma2s, alpha6beta3gamma2s and alpha1beta3gamma2s human GABAA receptors was almost identical, arguing against actions at benzodiazepine or loreclezole sites [17].
  • These data suggest that loreclezole shares, with propofol, an agonistic action at GABAA receptors containing the beta 2-subunit and that the different efficacies of the two compounds in this regard, may underlie the difference in their pharmacological profiles [18].
  • A number of drugs presently under development, such as NMDA receptor antagonists, loreclezole, losigamone, methysticine, and dextromethorphan, are promising in acute animal models of otherwise drug-resistant convulsant activity [19].
  • Diflunisal was the most efficacious compound, eliciting greater potentiation than loreclezole (90 +/- 14% and 109 +/- 14% at beta3 and beta2, respectively, compared with 62 +/- 6% and 56 +/- 3%), whereas niflumic acid exhibited the lowest efficacy [20].

Gene context of R 72063

  • By mutating single amino acids of the beta 1 subunit to the beta 2/beta 3 equivalent, only the beta 1 mutation of Ser-290-->Asn conferred potentiation by loreclezole [7].
  • Loreclezole enhances apparent desensitization of recombinant GABAA receptor currents [21].
  • It has been known that neurosteroids and barbiturates are uniformly active in both the two subunit receptors, substituted pyrazinones are only active in the alpha 1 beta 2 subtype and loreclezole is active in the subtypes containing beta 2 [22].
  • Thirteen drug-resistant epilepsy patients received loreclezole as add-on therapy [23].
  • The effects of loreclezole and La3+ on native cerebellar GABA(A) receptors were compared between GABA(A) receptor alpha6 subunit-deficient (alpha6-/-) and wildtype mouse lines, produced through homologous recombination, using t-[35S]butylbicyclophosphorothionate ([35S]TBPS) autoradiography in brain sections [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of R 72063

  • In addition, the effects of 0, 5, 10 and 20 mg/kg loreclezole on the spectral content of the background EEG and on spontaneous behaviour of rats were investigated [1].


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