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Chemical Compound Review

AC1NRATW     3-[[(2S)-2-[[(1R)-1- [[(1R,2R)-1-carboxy-4...

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High impact information on PEPTIDOMIMETIC INHIBITOR


Chemical compound and disease context of PEPTIDOMIMETIC INHIBITOR






Associations of PEPTIDOMIMETIC INHIBITOR with other chemical compounds



  • Instead, PS1 had a direct effect on the inhibition of Ass production by a designed peptidomimetic inhibitor: the inhibition was significantly less effective in cells expressing FAD-causing mutations in either APP or PS1 than in cells expressing the wild-type proteins [26].
  • To determine whether one enzyme plays a predominant role in Rab8 prenylation in vivo, the incorporation of [3H]mevalonate into Rab8 was measured in human embryonal kidney 293 cells under conditions where the activity of GGTaseI, but not GGTaseII, was blocked by the peptidomimetic inhibitor GGTI-298 [27].
  • CPD and CPD-N are inhibited non-competitively by zinc chelator 1,10-phenanthroline and competitively by peptidomimetic inhibitor DL-2-mercaptomethyl-3-guanidinoethylthiopropanoic acid [28].
  • A macrocyclic, peptidomimetic inhibitor of peptide deformylase was designed by covalently cross-linking the P1' and P3' side chains [29].
  • A peptidomimetic inhibitor of ras functionality markedly suppresses growth of human prostate tumor xenografts in mice. Prospects for long-term clinical utility [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PEPTIDOMIMETIC INHIBITOR

  • The sequence alignment of Sap2p, Sapt1p, and Sapp1p, and homology modeling of Sapp1p with the crystal structure of Sapt1p and the complex of Sap2p with a peptidomimetic inhibitor showed that the overall folds of Sap2p, Sapt1p, and Sapp1p are similar [31].


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