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Gene Review

Mmp12  -  matrix metallopeptidase 12

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: MME, MMP-12, Macrophage metalloelastase, Matrix metalloproteinase-12, Mmel
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Disease relevance of Mmp12


High impact information on Mmp12

  • Similarly, in vivo minocycline treatment significantly reduced MMP-12 levels in brain [1].
  • ICH increased brain MMP-2, -3, -7, and -9 mRNA levels relative to sham-injected (control) animals in the vicinity of the hematoma, but MMP-12 (macrophage metalloelastase) was the most highly induced MMP (>80-fold) [1].
  • As expected, Western blot analyses also demonstrated increased production of MMP-12, MMP-14, and TIMP-2 (in the latter two cases as individual proteins and as complexes) [3].
  • Although control cells were found to produce little or no MMP-9 (92-kD gelatinase B) or MMP-12 (metalloelastase), both enzymes were markedly upregulated upon stimulation [4].
  • In addition to the expected transcript, a shorter one was identified and its sequence indicated that it corresponds to an alternatively spliced mRNA from which exons 5-18 of MME I are deleted [5].

Biological context of Mmp12


Anatomical context of Mmp12

  • MME II mRNA is also expressed, together with MME I mRNA, in brain and thyroid in a tissue-specific manner [5].
  • FGS lesions were defined by the presence of focal and segmental glomerular scarring and collapse of the glomerular tuft with increased mesangial cellularity (MC), mesangial matrix expansion (MME), and adhesions between the tuft and Bowman's capsule (Adh) [7].
  • Within 3 days after axotomy in the peripheral nervous system, MMP-9, MMP-7 and MMP-12 are elevated [8].
  • The ability of crude rat-brain microsome preparations to convert DME and MME to their corresponding phospholipid was explored [9].
  • Morphometry was used to estimate the lung alveolar parenchyme and septal elastic fibers changes, and immunohistochemistry was performed to detect macrophage metalloelastase (MMP-12) and quantify vessels by immunolabelling with alpha-smooth muscle cells [2].

Associations of Mmp12 with chemical compounds

  • This work suggests that MME and DME incorporated into the corresponding phospholipids function as effective substrates for phospholipid-N-methylation [10].
  • The deduced structure of MME II is consistent with its being a membrane-bound, zinc-containing glycoprotein with a modified peptidase activity [5].
  • Incubation of cells previously grown in presence of the bases MME and DME resulted in a marked increase of radioactivity in the corresponding phospholipids possessing one additional methyl group, PDME and PC respectively [10].
  • Lung morphometry and MMP-12 expression in rats treated with intraperitoneal nicotine [2].
  • Budesonide and N-acetylcysteine do not alter the MMP-12/TIMP-1 ratio in this study when given in the late phase of smoke exposure [6].

Other interactions of Mmp12


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mmp12


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