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Gene Review

G  -  glycoprotein

Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus Fil3

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Disease relevance of G


High impact information on G


Chemical compound and disease context of G


Biological context of G

  • VHSV N gene amplification was more efficient and more sensitive than the VHSV G amplicon [10].
  • The genome comprises 11158 bases and contains six long open reading frames encoding the nucleoprotein N, phosphoprotein P, matrix protein M, glycoprotein G, nonstructural viral protein NV, and polymerase L. Genes are arranged in the order 3'-N-P-M-G-NV-L-5'. The exact 3' and 5' ends were determined after RNA-oligonucleotide ligation or RACE [11].
  • Sequence analysis of the entire nucleoprotein and glycoprotein genes revealed the virus was a member of the North American genotype of VHSV; however, the isolate was sufficiently distinct to be considered a separate sublineage, suggesting its origin may have been from marine species inhabiting the eastern coastal areas of the USA or Canada [12].
  • Sequence comparisons identified no difference in the consensus sequence of the glycoprotein gene following in vivo passage [13].
  • When transfection was performed in the presence of monoclonal antibodies (Mab) to the glycoprotein, the production of interferon mRNA transcripts was reduced by over 50% [9].

Anatomical context of G


Associations of G with chemical compounds

  • Only native, denatured or recombinant fragment G4 viral glycoprotein G showed PS-binding [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of G


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