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Gene Review

Foxa3  -  forkhead box A3

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Forkhead box protein A3, HNF-3-gamma, HNF-3G, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-gamma, Hnf-3g, ...
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Disease relevance of Foxa3


High impact information on Foxa3


Biological context of Foxa3


Anatomical context of Foxa3


Associations of Foxa3 with chemical compounds

  • However, when fasted, Foxa3(-/-) mice have a significantly lower blood glucose compared with control mice [1].

Regulatory relationships of Foxa3

  • In addition, we investigated the hepatic transcription factor network in Foxa3(-/-) mice and found that the normal activation of HNF-4alpha, HNF-1alpha, and PGC-1 induced by fasting is attenuated in mice lacking Foxa3 [1].

Other interactions of Foxa3


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