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Gene Review

Klf4  -  Kruppel-like factor 4 (gut)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: EZF, Epithelial zinc finger protein EZF, Ezf, Gklf, Gut-enriched krueppel-like factor, ...
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Disease relevance of Klf4

  • Klf4 mutants also display aberrant expression of acidic mucins and TFF2/SP-positive cells, findings characteristic of premalignant conditions, but no inflammation, intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia, or cancer up to 1 year of age [1].
  • Conditional deletion of the mouse Klf4 gene results in corneal epithelial fragility, stromal edema, and loss of conjunctival goblet cells [2].
  • Kr??ppel-like factor 4 (Klf4), a gene down-regulated in activated murine B cells, is expressed at low levels in several types of human B-cell lineage lymphomas and leukemias [3].
  • Klf4-deficient mice fail to establish the barrier function of the skin and die shortly after birth due to dehydration [4].

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Biological context of Klf4


Anatomical context of Klf4


Associations of Klf4 with chemical compounds

  • The KLF4 induction of the iNOS promoter is mediated by two KLF DNA-binding sites at -95 and -212 bp, and mutation of these sites diminished induction by IFN-gamma and LPS [10].
  • GKLF induction by H-Fe is mediated through hydroxyl radicals, p38MAP kinase-, calcium-, and protein synthesis-dependent pathways [12].

Regulatory relationships of Klf4

  • Furthermore, GKLF was not highly expressed in differentiated SMCs in vivo, and TGF-beta down-regulated GKLF expression in dedifferentiated cultured SMCs [13].

Other interactions of Klf4

  • Here, we examined the developmental expression of the mouse Klf5 gene and compared it to the established pattern of the Klf4 gene [11].
  • We have used real-time PCR to confirm the changes in levels of transcripts such as renin-1, Kruppel-like factor 4, Mad4 (max-interacting protein repressor), Nur-related protein 1, and hairy/enhancer of splits gene 1 that were found to be regulated by FSH in testes of hpg mice [14].


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