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Gene Review

Il18bp  -  interleukin 18 binding protein

Mus musculus

Synonyms: IL-18BP, Igifbp, Interferon gamma-inducing factor-binding protein, Interleukin-18-binding protein, MC54L
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Disease relevance of Il18bp


High impact information on Il18bp

  • Several Poxviruses encode putative proteins highly homologous to IL-18BP, suggesting that viral products may attenuate IL-18 and interfere with the cytotoxic T cell response [4].
  • By neutralizing IL-18 activity with IL-18 binding protein (IL-18BP), we observed that islets produce bioactive IL-18 [5].
  • In vivo, transgenic mice overproducing IL-18BP (IL-18BP-Tg) exhibited delayed hyperglycemia induced by beta cell toxic streptozotocin [5].
  • In testing whether IL-1F7b interacts with IL-18BP, we unexpectedly observed that IL-1F7b enhanced the ability of IL-18BP to inhibit IL-18-induced IFNgamma by 25-30% in a human natural killer cell line [6].
  • Molecular modeling identified a large mixed electrostatic and hydrophobic binding site in the Ig domain of IL-18BP, which could account for its high affinity binding to the ligand [7].

Biological context of Il18bp

  • More importantly, transfection with the IL-18BP plasmid induces profound changes in plaque composition (decrease in macrophage, T cell, cell death, and lipid content and increase in smooth muscle cell and collagen content) leading to a stable plaque phenotype [8].
  • The murine interleukin-18 binding protein cDNA was cloned after RT-PCR using mixed primer pair sequences based on partial murine interleukin-18 binding protein amino acid sequence analysis [9].
  • Using point mutagenesis, we analyzed the ectromelia virus IL-18BP to identify residues involved in binding [3].
  • Subsequently, human interleukin-18 binding protein cDNA was cloned from cDNA libraries of normal human liver using murine interleukin-18 binding protein cDNA as a probe [9].
  • Ischemia was produced by artery femoral occlusion in mice that were subjected to in vivo intramuscular electrotransfer of either an empty plasmid or a murine IL-18BP plasmid [10].

Anatomical context of Il18bp

  • Interleukin-18/interleukin-18 binding protein signaling modulates ischemia-induced neovascularization in mice hindlimb [10].
  • IL-18BP and TCR gamma delta cells appear to be critical factors in the anti-inflammatory effects of IRF-1 [11].
  • Twelve hours after IL-18BP, hepatic sinusoidal endothelium (HSE) cells were isolated, and adhesion of B16M cells to these cultured HSE cells was reduced to the level of vehicle-treated mice [12].

Associations of Il18bp with chemical compounds

  • Interleukin-18 binding protein is a novel glycoprotein that we successfully cloned and expressed [9].

Regulatory relationships of Il18bp


Other interactions of Il18bp


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Il18bp

  • Angiographic score, capillary density (CD31 staining), and laser Doppler perfusion data at day 28 showed significant improvement in ischemic/nonischemic leg ratio by respectively 1.6-, 1.4-, and 1.5-fold in IL-18BP-treated mice compared with controls (P<0.01) [10].
  • Using this monoclonal antibody, we have developed an ELISA for determining IL-18BP levels [16].


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