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Gene Review

Ptprj  -  protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI450271, BET, Byp, CD148, DEP-1, ...
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Disease relevance of Ptprj

  • Our recent experiments suggested that specific PTPases, PTP beta 2 and PTP epsilon, are involved in the early molecular events for in vitro differentiation of mouse erythroleukemia (MEL) as well as embryonic carcinoma (F9) cells [1].
  • Previously, we described in mouse strain CcS-19/Dem five susceptibility to colon cancer (Scc) loci, Scc1-Scc5 controlling tumor numbers [2].

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Biological context of Ptprj

  • The protein-tyrosine phosphatase DEP-1 modulates growth factor-stimulated cell migration and cell-matrix adhesion [6].
  • Using CcS-19, one of the highly susceptible RC strains, we mapped a novel colon tumor susceptibility gene, Scc-1, different from the oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes known to be involved in colon tumorigenesis, in the vicinity of CD44 (Ly-24, Pgp-1) on chromosome 2 [7].
  • The putative Byp protein consists of 1238 amino acids, which possesses a single catalytic domain in the cytoplasmic region [8].
  • We have investigated the pattern of transcripts of PTPases during MEL cell differentiation and found that while the transcripts of most PTPases were unchanged or undetected in the cells, transcripts for two PTPases (PTP beta 2 and RIP) exhibited distinct patterns of induction at a very early stage of differentiation [9].
  • It has also been suggested that CD148 could be involved in mechanisms of differentiation and inhibition of cell growth [10].

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