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Gene Review

Serpina3k  -  serine (or cysteine) peptidase inhibitor,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 1300001I07Rik, Contrapsin, D12Rp54, MMCM2, MMSpi2, ...
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Disease relevance of Serpina3k


High impact information on Serpina3k


Chemical compound and disease context of Serpina3k


Biological context of Serpina3k


Anatomical context of Serpina3k


Associations of Serpina3k with chemical compounds

  • Inhibitory spectrum of mouse contrapsin and alpha-1-antitrypsin against mouse serine proteases [11].
  • A glycoprotein with Mr 63,000 purified from rat serum was found to inhibit trypsin activity but not chymotrypsin or elastase activity, resembling contrapsin purified from mouse serum [12].
  • Treatment of adult worms with deoxycholate resulted in a change in the electrophoretic behaviour of worm-derived contrapsin [9].
  • After extraction of these parasites with Triton X-114, contrapsin was found in the aqueous phase of the detergent, suggesting it is unlikely to be an integral membrane protein [9].
  • Estradiol administration to intact females caused a marked elevation in contrapsin level but a decrease in alpha 1-antiprotease level [13].

Regulatory relationships of Serpina3k

  • The latter two were up-regulated, whereas contrapsin was down-regulated in neonatal MT-null mice [14].

Other interactions of Serpina3k

  • The primary structure of each of the three proteins has about 70% homology with that of mouse contrapsin, in contrast to 43-46% homology with that of rat alpha 1-protease inhibitor [12].
  • Contrapsin inactivated trypsin, but did not significantly affect chymotrypsin, pancreatic elastase, or pancreatic kallikrein [1].
  • Seventy-seven spots/spot chains from the reducing gels were identified by HPLC MS/MS, representing 28 distinct proteins, including a species-specific protease inhibitor, contrapsin, and high levels of carboxylesterase [15].
  • Five secreted proteins including three protease inhibitors (fetuin-A, alpha-1 antitrypsin 1-6, and contrapsin) were identified from tumor masses at the regressive stage [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Serpina3k


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