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Gene Review

Ahsg  -  alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein, Countertrypin, Fetua, Fetuin-A, fetuin-A
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Disease relevance of Ahsg

  • Using the Multiple intestinal neoplasia/+ (Min/+) mouse model of intestinal tumorigenesis, we found twice as many intestinal polyps overall, twice as many large polyps (>3 mm diameter), and more progression to invasive adenocarcinoma in Min/+ Ahsg-/- mice than in littermates expressing Ahsg [1].
  • Improved insulin sensitivity and resistance to weight gain in mice null for the Ahsg gene [2].
  • Our results suggest that Ahsg may be useful for prevention of the heterotopic ossification and the regulation of osteoinductive effects of BMP used with grafts [3].
  • Using reporter gene assays in hepatoma cells combined with electrophoretic mobility shift assays we determined that dexamethasone up-regulates hepatic Ahsg [4].
  • Similarly, intrasplenic injection of LLC cells resulted in rapid colonization of the liver with metastasis to the lungs within 2 weeks in the WT but not fetuin-A null mice [5].

High impact information on Ahsg


Chemical compound and disease context of Ahsg

  • Here, we explore insulin signaling, glucose homeostasis, and the effect of a high-fat diet on weight gain, body fat composition, and glucose disposal in mice carrying two null alleles for the gene encoding fetuin, Ahsg (B6, 129-Ahsg(tm1Mbl)) [2].

Biological context of Ahsg


Anatomical context of Ahsg


Associations of Ahsg with chemical compounds

  • A high degree of sequence identity in mouse, rat and human Ahsg promoters suggests that the promoter is similarly up-regulated by dexamethasone in all three species [4].
  • A steroid response unit at position -146/-119 within the mouse Ahsg promoter mediates the glucocorticoid-induced increase of Ahsg mRNA [4].
  • alpha2-HS glycoprotein (AHSG), also known as fetuin-A, inhibits insulin receptor autophosphorylation and tyrosine kinase activity in vitro and in vivo [11].

Other interactions of Ahsg

  • Bone formation in response to implanted BMP cytokine extended further from the implant in Ahsg(-/-) compared with Ahsg(+/+) mice, confirming the interaction between ASHG and TGF-beta/BMP cytokines in vivo [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ahsg


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