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Gene Review

Epor  -  erythropoietin receptor

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: EPO-R, Erythropoietin receptor
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Disease relevance of Epor


High impact information on Epor

  • We show that EPOR-mediated activation of Jak2 leads to phosphorylation of the inhibitor of NF-kappaB (IkappaB), subsequent nuclear translocation of the transcription factor NF-kappaB, and NF-kappaB-dependent transcription of neuroprotective genes [6].
  • Unexpectedly, coadministration of MPSS antagonized the protective effects of EPO, even though the EPO receptor was up-regulated normally after injury [7].
  • Modulation of wound healing because of administration of recombinant EPO or inhibition of endogenous EPO-EPO receptor correlated with changes in levels of inducible nitric oxide synthase protein in granulation tissue [8].
  • We also found abundant expression of EPO receptor protein in macrophages, cells that play a pivotal role during wound healing [8].
  • These results suggest that activation of EPO-R suppresses ischemic cell death by inhibiting the exocytosis of Glu [1].

Biological context of Epor


Anatomical context of Epor


Associations of Epor with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Epor

  • These biological activities were completely inhibited by the anti-Epo antiserum and the extracellular domain of the Epo receptor capable of binding with Epo [16].

Regulatory relationships of Epor

  • Our results suggest a new mechanism for Epo-induced neuroprotection, in which circulating Epo controls and maintains the BBB through an Epo receptor signalling pathway and the re-establishment of cell junctions [17].
  • Immunoanalyses showed that Epo induced a significant increase in phosphorylated Janus kinase 2 and signal transducer and activator of transcription-5 expressions at 1 and 3 d and up-regulated Bcl-xL expression by 24 h after FCI but did not affect Epo receptor or NF-kappaB expression [18].

Other interactions of Epor


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Epor


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