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Gene Review

F10  -  coagulation factor X

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of F10

  • Rabbit morulae and blastocysts were cultured in conventional culture media [Ham's F10 or BSM II supplemented with bovine serum albumin (BSA) or serum] or in Ham's medium supplemented with synchronous or asynchronous uterine flushings, mostly for 2 days, and afterwards investigated by light and electron microscopy and by autoradiography [1].

High impact information on F10


Biological context of F10


Anatomical context of F10

  • However, when a modified Brackett's medium was used instead of modified Ham's F10 for the initial 4-hour period after mixing gametes, more oocytes were fertilized (52% versus 28%, P less than 0.01) [11].
  • In this experiment 158 morulae were bisected and both portions were cultured for 24-44 h either in vivo after transfer to sheep oviducts (n = 80 morulae) or in vitro (n = 78 morulae) in Ham's F10 medium with 20% fetal calf serum, with bovine oviduct cells or in medium collected from oviduct cultures (conditioned medium) [12].
  • Whitten's medium supported more (P<0.05) intact and demi-embryos to grow to expanded blastocysts (92.9 and 73.1%, respectively) compared with Ham's F10 (43.8 and 26.3%, respectively) and PBS (53.8 and 12.5%, respectively) [13].
  • Compared to TALP (77.8%), more (P less than .05) embryos in Ham's F10 (95.0%) developed to the morula stage; development of mKRB embryos (88.9%) was intermediate and not different (P greater than .05) [14].
  • Interaction of bovine coagulation factor X and its glutamic-acid-containing fragments with phospholipid membranes. A surface plasmon resonance study [15].

Associations of F10 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of F10

  • Activation of prekallikrein was also observed with bovine plasmin [EC], but not with bovine clotting factors Xa (Stuart factor) [EC] and IXa (Christmas factor) or thrombin [EC] [19].
  • The lectin jacalin immobilized on agarose was found to bind a variety of glycoproteins known to contain typical O-linked oligosaccharides, including human IgA, C1 inhibitor, chorionic gonadotropin, plasminogen, bovine protein Z, bovine coagulation factor X, and fetuin [20].


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