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Gene Review

Dhc64C  -  Dynein heavy chain 64C

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CD, CG7507, Cdhc, DHC, DHC64C, ...
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Disease relevance of Dhc64C

  • Wolbachia utilizes host microtubules and Dynein for anterior localization in the Drosophila oocyte [1].
  • Identification of dynein heavy chain 7 as an inner arm component of human cilia that is synthesized but not assembled in a case of primary ciliary dyskinesia [2].
  • Interactions between TcTex-1 and a diverse set of proteins such as the dynein intermediate chain, Fyn, DOC2, FIP1, the poliovirus receptor, CD155, and the rhodopsin cytoplasmic tail have been reported; yet, despite the broad range of targets, a consensus binding sequence remains uncertain [3].

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Other interactions of Dhc64C

  • Furthermore, we show that a mutation that was previously isolated as a suppressor of the Glued mutation is an allele of Dhc64C [9].
  • 8. Far-UV CD and fluorescence spectra demonstrate that pH-dissociated LC8 retains native secondary and tertiary structures, while the diminished near-UV CD signal shows loss of quaternary structure [15].
  • Here, we use mutations in the dynein heavy chain gene to impair the motor's function, and employ biophysical measurements to demonstrate that cytoplasmic dynein is responsible for the minus end motion of bidirectionally moving lipid droplets in early Drosophila embryos [16].
  • A smaller but reproducible change in the CD spectra was observed upon Tctex-1 binding as well [17].
  • However, only two kinds of mechanochemical motor proteins, kinesin and brain dynein, had been identified as transporters of membranous organelles in mammalian neurons [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dhc64C


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