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Gene Review

lacY  -  galactoside permease

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of lacY


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Chemical compound and disease context of lacY


Biological context of lacY


Anatomical context of lacY

  • Because of the extensive aggregation of lactose permease synthesized in the absence of membranes, only low amounts originating from the soluble enzyme pool integrated posttranslationally into the membrane vesicles [16].
  • The lactose permease of Escherichia coli catalyzes coupled translocation of galactosides and H(+) across the cell membrane [17].
  • Epitope 4B1 is readily detectable in spheroplasts and right-side-out membrane vesicles from PE-containing but not from PE-deficient cells expressing lactose permease [18].
  • This is interpreted as evidence for two different conformations of lactose permease, one with the binding site open to the cytoplasm and closed to the periplasm and vice versa for the other state [19].
  • From similar experiments with N-terminal segments of lactose permease, we estimate that at most a polypeptide of 120 amino acid residues emerging from the ribosome is needed to target the nascent chain to the lipid bilayer and to mediate attachment of the ribosome to the membrane during elongation [20].

Associations of lacY with chemical compounds

  • Moreover, membrane vesicles when present cotranslationally during synthesis of lactose permease, acquired the capability to accumulate lactose, strongly suggesting a correct in vitro assembly of the enzyme [16].
  • Site-directed N-ethylmaleimide labeling was studied with Glu-126 and/or Arg-144 mutants in lactose permease containing a single, native Cys residue at position 148 in the substrate-binding site [21].
  • Thus, three individual cysteine residues were introduced into putative helix IV of a lactose permease mutant devoid of native cysteine residues containing a high-affinity divalent metal ion binding site in the form of six contiguous histidine residues in the periplasmic loop between helices III and IV [22].
  • Regulation of lactose permease activity by the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system: evidence for direct binding of the glucose-specific enzyme III to the lactose permease [23].
  • Treatment of lactose permease with N-ethylmaleimide, which blocks ligand binding and transport by alkylating Cys-148, also blocks enzyme IIAglc binding [15].

Regulatory relationships of lacY


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of lacY


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