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Gene Review

OGN  -  osteoglycin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Mimecan, OG, OIF, Osteoglycin, Osteoinductive factor, ...
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Disease relevance of OGN


High impact information on OGN

  • Implantation of OIF plus transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) type 1 or 2 into subcutaneous tissues of rats induces formation of bone at the implantation site [2].
  • Osteoinductive factor (OIF) is a glycoprotein in bone that induces ectopic bone formation [2].
  • We found that OIF inhibited total multinucleated cell (MNC) formation in a dose-dependent fashion and preferentially inhibited formation of MNCs that react with monoclonal antibody 23c6 (23c6-positive MNCs), an antibody that identifies osteoclasts [2].
  • Since TGF-beta is also present in bone matrix and inhibits formation of multinucleated cells that express an osteoclast phenotype in long-term human marrow cultures, we tested the effects of OIF on formation of these osteoclast-like cells to determine the effects of OIF on cells in the osteoclast lineage [2].
  • The inhibition of 23c6-positive MNC formation by OIF was not mediated by prostaglandin synthesis [2].

Biological context of OGN


Anatomical context of OGN


Associations of OGN with chemical compounds

  • Although this tissue was found to express lumican and osteoglycin/mimecan, there was little evidence to suggest that these proteoglycans were a major source of the keratan sulfate glycosaminoglycans [8].
  • However, the homology analysis revealed that chick PG-Lb showed a higher homology (about 50% in the region containing leucine-rich repeats) to human osteoinductive factor, OIF, rather than to the other small proteoglycans [6].
  • Furthermore, 6 cysteine residues are detected in both PG-Lb and OIF with invariant relative positions [6].
  • High glucose also induced the secretion of bone morphogenetic protein-2, a known osteoinductive factor, and further increased the secretion normally seen during calcification by 43% at day 7 and 57% at day 14 [9].
  • We studied 5,671 cases of medevac reports during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom (OEF and OIF) [10].

Other interactions of OGN


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OGN

  • Molecular cloning of a novel bone-forming compound: osteoinductive factor [1].
  • Sequence analysis of these clones indicated that the 105-amino-acid OIF is synthesized as a larger 299-amino-acid precursor, the carboxyl terminus of which is cleaved to yield the mature protein [1].
  • To obtain rapid healing, the expansion space that was created for the positioning of the implant was filled, following the concepts of tissue engineering, with bioactive glass synthetic bone graft material as an osteoconductive factor and autogenous platelet-rich plasma as an osteoinductive factor [12].


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