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Gene Review

TPCN1  -  two pore segment channel 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ20612, KIAA1169, TPC1, Two pore calcium channel protein 1, Voltage-dependent calcium channel protein TPC1
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Disease relevance of TPCN1


High impact information on TPCN1


Chemical compound and disease context of TPCN1


Biological context of TPCN1


Anatomical context of TPCN1


Associations of TPCN1 with chemical compounds

  • By this sensitive method retTPC/PTC transcript could be detected in about 500 fg of total RNA of TPC-1, a retTPC/PTC transcript-positive cell line [16].
  • We examined the effect of herbimycin A, a potent inhibitor of tyrosine kinases, on NIH(ret) cells and TPC-1 papillary thyroid carcinoma cells, both of which express the active ret genes [12].
  • When tyrosine kinase activities of the active ret gene products in herbimycin A-treated NIH(ret) and TPC-1 cells were examined in immunocomplex kinase assays, they drastically decreased in both cells as compared with untreated cells [12].
  • Administration of ZD6474 led to an up to 95% reduction of cell number in Hth74, 85% in C643, 90% in FTC133, and 90% in TPC1 (p < 0.05) [17].
  • Administration of ZD1839 led to an up to 90% reduction of cell number in Hth74, 80% in C643, 50% in FTC133, and 90% in TPC1 (p < 0.05) [17].

Regulatory relationships of TPCN1


Other interactions of TPCN1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TPCN1

  • Northern blot analysis showed that TPC1 mRNA (5 kb) was expressed widely [23].
  • Immunohistochemistry of kidney revealed that TPC1 was expressed at inner medullary collecting ducts [23].
  • The effects of BAY 43-9006 on proliferation of human TPC1 and TT thyroid carcinoma cells, which harbor spontaneous oncogenic RET alleles, and on RAT1 fibroblasts transformed with oncogenic RET mutants, including mutants that are resistant to other chemotherapeutic agents, were determined using growth curves and flow cytometry [24].


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