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Disease relevance of Fluoroimmunoassay


High impact information on Fluoroimmunoassay

  • Cisplatin uptake was measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy, and the levels of drug-DNA intrastrand adducts were determined by a dissociation-enhanced fluoroimmunoassay that utilizes an antibody against cisplatin-modified DNA [6].
  • The internalization of G-protein was quantitated by a surface fluoroimmunoassay [7].
  • Quantification of CA VI in milk by using a time-resolved immunofluorometric assay revealed an approximately eight-times-higher concentration in human colostrum than in mature milk, the latter corresponding to the levels previously detected in human saliva [8].
  • Measurement of sAFP levels with this automated, cost-effective, and reproducible fluoroimmunoassay could be proposed for the preliminary diagnosis of FA whenever this disorder is suspected [9].
  • Total and free PSA levels were measured by the Immulite PSA assay, and hK11 levels were measured by our previously published immunofluorometric assay [10].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fluoroimmunoassay


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