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Gene Review

PSMB6  -  proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit,...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DELTA, LMPY, Macropain delta chain, Multicatalytic endopeptidase complex delta chain, Proteasome delta chain, ...
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Disease relevance of PSMB6

  • Based on the inability of this comprehensive analysis to uncover molecular defects in Delta vif virions, we speculate that such defects are likely to be subtle and/or rare [1].
  • In the present study, we established a protocol for producing large quantities of vif-deficient HIV-1 (HIV-1/Delta vif) from an acute infection of nonpermissive T cells and performed a thorough examination of the defect in these virions [1].
  • Convergence was held constant during an experimental session, while vertical disparity was incremented in steps of 0.05 Delta after a subjective report of fusion, until the subject reported diplopia [2].
  • The Ro ribonucleoprotein is composed of hY RNA and a 60.7-kD peptide that is antigenic for autoantibodies produced by many patients with systemic lupus erythematosus or Sjögren's syndrome and mothers of newborns with complete congenital heart block [3].
  • Recent evidence suggests that CR binds to 52 kDaRo (Ro52) by a protein/protein interaction and binds to hY RNA and rubella virus RNA [4].

High impact information on PSMB6

  • A subset of hY RNAs is associated with erythrocyte Ro ribonucleoproteins [5].
  • These results indicate that apoptotic degradation of Y RNAs is dependent on caspase activation, which suggests that the nucleolytic activity responsible for hY RNA degradation is activated downstream of the caspase cascade [6].
  • Additional mammalian Y scRNA genes have been refractory to cloning due to interference from numerous hY-homologous pseudogenes and studies of hY RNA genes have been sparse [7].
  • The human Y4 small cytoplasmic RNA gene is controlled by upstream elements and resides on chromosome 7 with all other hY scRNA genes [7].
  • In addition, we found no consistent defect in the ability of Delta vif virions to perform intravirion reverse transcription under a variety of assay conditions, suggesting that the reverse transcription complexes in these particles can behave normally under cell-free conditions [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of PSMB6

  • Impact of National Schistosomiasis Control Program in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, Nile Delta, Egypt: an independent evaluation [8].

Biological context of PSMB6

  • RESULTS: The analysis of gene expression profiles indicated that after the treatment of arsenic trioxide (0.5 micromol/L) 3 genes were up-regulated, among which, PSMB6 gene was involved in proteasome degradation pathway, and 18 genes related to RNA processing, protein synthesis, and signal transduction were down-regulated [9].
  • CONCLUSION: PSMB6 and ITGB1 genes may be related to the differentiation and/or apoptosis of NB4 cells induced by As2O3 [9].
  • SCHs and chromosome 7-enriched YACs were used to demonstrate that all four hY RNA genes reside on human chromosome 7 [7].
  • In addition, Southern blots with probes for each of the four hY RNAs indicate that hY RNA-like sequences are abundant in the human genome [10].
  • Although the frequency of reactivity to the TS1-RNA was higher in anti-SSA/Ro positive sera, the presence of either native or recombinant SSA/Ro antigen showed no detectable competition, and no apparent sequence homology was found between the TS1-RNA and hY RNA [11].

Anatomical context of PSMB6

  • Analysis of the hY RNA content of various human cell lines showed that all four human Y RNAs were present in all cell lines examined [12].

Associations of PSMB6 with chemical compounds

  • METHODS: Allergen-dependent airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness was induced in conditional alpha4(Delta/Delta), VCAM-1(-/-), and beta2(-/-) mice [13].
  • We investigated the distribution and diversity of tetracycline resistance genes encoding ribosomal protection proteins (RPPs) in river and channel sediments of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam [14].
  • Fourteen indole alkaloids, Delta (14)-isoeburnamine ( 1), amsosinine ( 2), tabersonine, vincadifformine, lochnericine, tetrahydroalstonine, beta-yohimbine, isoeburnamine, minovicinine, picrinine, strictamine, rhazimine, vincanidine, and decarbomethoxytetrahydrosecamine, were isolated from AMSONIA SINENSIS [15].
  • Eleven of them were identified as known alkaloids, namely, scandine ( 2), Delta (14)-eburnamine ( 4), vindolinine N(b)-oxide ( 5), 11-methoxytabersonine ( 6), vindolinine ( 7), EPI-vindolinine N(b)-oxide ( 8), hazuntine ( 9), compactinervine ( 10), 11-hydroxytabersonine ( 11), Delta (14)-vincine ( 12), and normacusine B ( 14) [16].
  • The sequence had close similarities ( approximately 45-60%) to that of Delta class glutathione S-transferases, but had only 14% identity to Bla g 5 [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PSMB6


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