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Gene Review

RNF217-AS1  -  RNF217 antisense RNA 1 (head to head)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: STL
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Disease relevance of STL

  • METHODS: Tissues were obtained from 22 pregnant ewes under halothane anesthesia: early controls at 131 days' gestational age (dGA) not in labor (ECNL; n = 6); during cortisol-induced premature labor (CPL at 131 dGA; n = 6); in term spontaneous labor (STL at 140-145 dGA; n = 5); or term control animals not in labor (TCNL at 140-145 dGA; n = 5) [1].
  • With disease progression, STL and SSF increased significantly, whereas PRF showed a steady decrease from diagnosis to blast crisis [2].
  • We utilize a measure of brain dynamics, namely the short-term largest Lyapunov exponent (STL/sub max/) to evaluate the efficacy of treatment in epileptic animals and humans with known antiepileptic drugs (AED) like diazepam and phenobarbital during status epilepticus (SE) [3].

High impact information on STL

  • Postprandial triglyceridemia was significantly greater after subjects consumed the LCT diet than it was after they consumed either the STL or MCT diets, which were similar [4].
  • Short-term feeding of MCT and STL diets produces significant changes in lipid metabolism [4].
  • By 48 h, when morphological transformation was first observed, there had occurred a marked change in nuclear-cytoskeletal anchorage to the substratum, as evidenced by a difference in sensitivity of Triton-extracted STL and CTL monolayers to detachment by KI [5].
  • The high degree of sequence conservation, and the selective localization of the BR-STL message in brain, suggest an important function in the central nervous system [6].
  • A t(6;12)(q23;p13) results in the fusion of ETV6 to a novel gene, STL, in a B-cell ALL cell line [7].

Biological context of STL


Anatomical context of STL

  • The mean peak [Ca2+]i values in the paraphagosomal cytoplasm of neutrophils ingesting one particle of STZ, IGZ, C3Z, Z and STL were 536.1 +/- 57.6, 424.7 +/- 55.8, 373.8 +/- 62.7, 272.3 +/- 31.5, and 270.8 +/- 38.0 nM, respectively, which showed good correlation (r = 0.97) with the efficiency of the particles for inducing superoxide production [11].
  • Following on from this work, we consider WGA-, STL- and UEA-I-mediated drug delivery to be a promising approach for peroral bioadhesive formulations adhering to absorptive enterocytes [12].
  • Compared to the BSA-binding capacity of the cells, the extent of nonspecific binding was strongly dependent on the type of cell line and lectin under investigation being lower than 2% in the case of WGA, STL and UEA-I/Caco-2 and HT-29 cells [12].
  • Basal cells of the nonsensory epithelium were labelled with DSL, LEL, LCA, BSL-I and STL [13].
  • Bowman's glands in the lamina propria showed subpopulations of acinar cells reacting with SBA, S-WGA, WGA, STL, Con A, PSA, PNA, SJA, VVA, JAC and S-Con A, but in our optical studies with lectins we were unable to differentiate between mucous and serous cells in the way that is possible on electron microscopy [10].

Associations of STL with chemical compounds

  • The initial increase in plasma noradrenaline until STL was significantly higher in both the NTO (p less than 0.02) and BHO (p less than 0.005) compared to the control group [14].
  • The intracrystalline diffusivity of MTBE in natural water was much slower than that in deionized water, only 1/10 in STL and 1/3 in FS natural water, since the aperture entrances of mordenite was appreciably hindered by NOM [15].

Other interactions of STL

  • In contrast, myometrial PTHrP mRNA:18s ratio was decreased when TCNL and STL were compared with both ECNL and CPL groups (P < .05) [1].
  • The SFL in RA (67.8 +/- 31.1) and the STL in RA (77.2 +/- 93.2) were also significantly different [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of STL

  • When cytoskeletal residues and KI-extracted proteins of STL and CTL cells were compared by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), qualitative and quantitative differences were seen in a number of minor components [5].
  • The average difference between the conventional and the STL splints was 0.24 +/- 0.23 mm(2) [17].


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