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Gene Review

ETV6  -  ets variant 6

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ETS translocation variant 6, ETS-related protein Tel1, TEL, TEL/ABL, TEL1, ...
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Disease relevance of ETV6


Psychiatry related information on ETV6

  • METHOD: The study was conducted at three adolescent psychiatric departments in two mental health centers in the Tel Aviv area [5].
  • To summarize our 10-year experience with autistic children at the Tel Aviv Child Development Center, the files of all 55 children with autism treated at our center over a 10-year period were retrospectively reviewed [6].
  • Matched population samples from this kibbutz and the city of Tel Aviv revealed significant differences in dietary habits [7].
  • The center serves the Tel Aviv area for a variety of developmental disabilities [8].
  • A joint intake interview questionnaire and a dental anxiety scale explored the level, background and concomitant factors of dental anxiety among patients at the Universities of Tel Aviv (Israel), Goteborg (Sweden), and Pittsburgh (USA) [9].

High impact information on ETV6


Chemical compound and disease context of ETV6


Biological context of ETV6

  • Our results also indicate that the transactivation characteristics of ETV6/CBFA2 are a combination of positive and negative regulatory properties [17].
  • The ETV6 gene (also known as TEL) is the main target of chromosomal translocations affecting chromosome band 12p13 [18].
  • The ETV6 gene (first identified as TEL) is a frequent target of chromosomal translocations in both myeloid and lymphoid leukemias [3].
  • Hybridization with cosmid probes showed that the ETV6 gene was rearranged in this translocation [19].
  • Our results indicate that, besides the generation of fusion transcripts, deregulation of the expression of oncogenes could be a variant leukemogenic mechanism for translocations involving the 5' end of ETV6, especially for those translocations lacking functionally significant fusion transcripts [3].

Anatomical context of ETV6


Associations of ETV6 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of ETV6

  • Molecular cytogenetic analysis confirmed that formation of an ETV6/ABL1 fusion in these patients required at least three chromosomal breaks and showed that each of these translocations is the result of a complex chromosomal rearrangement [30].
  • Our studies show that UBC9 binds to TEL exclusively through the HLH domain of TEL [31].
  • We found that H-L(3)MBT binds in vivo to TEL, and we have mapped the region of interaction to their respective SPM/SAM domains [32].
  • This is the first report of a complex cytogenetic clone, in association with an ETV6/AML1 fusion, developing in utero [33].
  • The ets family member Tel binds to the Fli-1 oncoprotein and inhibits its transcriptional activity [34].

Enzymatic interactions of ETV6


Regulatory relationships of ETV6

  • It appears that loss of TEL function activates a pathway that cooperates with TEL/RUNX1 and sequesters coactivator(s) into nonfunctional complex in the cytoplasm thus inhibiting transcription of target genes [38].
  • Although both proteins are transcriptional inhibitors binding similar DNA recognition sequences, they have opposite biologic effects: TEL inhibits proliferation while TEL2 promotes it [39].
  • Confirming these results, overexpression of TEL repressed Stat3 transcriptional activity [40].
  • The v-SRC-induced nucleo-cytoplasmic delocalization of TEL-M1 does not involve phosphorylation of the SRCD and does not require TEL self-association and repressive domains [41].
  • The rearrangement might also modify the regulation of BAZ2A by either activating a cryptic promoter or by coming under the control of the ETV6 promoter [42].

Other interactions of ETV6


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ETV6


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