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Abdomen, Acute

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Disease relevance of Abdomen, Acute


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Chemical compound and disease context of Abdomen, Acute

  • Intraperitoneal haemorrhage from a ruptured corpus luteum. A cause of "acute abdomen" in women [11].
  • In MELAS children who demonstrate acute onset of gastrointestinal manifestations, a careful review of family history and an elevation of serum lactate and pyruvate levels may enable a differential diagnosis to be made of acute abdomen to avoid unnecessary surgical intervention [12].
  • In cases of newly developed acute abdomen undergoing propranolol therapy, physicians should be aware of this rare and serious adverse reaction to this drug [13].
  • The management of acute abdomen avoiding surgery and a complete response with azathioprine are the outstanding variables that make our recent cases of special interest [14].
  • Our case is unique in that the patient was pregnant, used cocaine by the intranasal route, and lacked objective signs of acute abdomen [15].

Anatomical context of Abdomen, Acute

  • Patients with nonpancreatic acute abdomen had a significantly higher lymphocyte proliferative response to PHA P and Con A than acute pancreatitis patients (PHA P p < 0.002; Con A p < 0.01; PHA P 91,116 +/- 22,995 cpm; Con A 77,879 +/- 19,083 cpm) [16].
  • The percentage of neutrophils in a peritoneal cell sample (PNP), obtained at operation, was measured in 250 patients who underwent urgent laparotomy because 'the surgical acute abdomen' (SAA) was suspected [17].

Gene context of Abdomen, Acute


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Abdomen, Acute


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