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Pongo pygmaeus

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Disease relevance of Pongo pygmaeus


High impact information on Pongo pygmaeus

  • We sequenced the complementary DNAs that encode the FOXP2 protein in the chimpanzee, gorilla, orang-utan, rhesus macaque and mouse, and compared them with the human cDNA [6].
  • Similarities of the skull are commonly used to support hypotheses of ancestor-descendant relationships between fossil and living ape genera, especially between the late Miocene apes Sivapithecus and Dryopithecus from Eurasia and the living orang-utan (Pongo) from Borneo and Sumatra [7].
  • These data support the view that the theta 1-gene has been functional in the baboon, orang-utan, and by implication, in man [8].
  • This structural difference in the promoter between the orang-utan theta 1- and alpha 1-genes has led Proudfoot to speculate that the theta 1-gene may be inactive [8].
  • The putative polypeptide is 141 amino acids long, identical to that of the alpha- or zeta-globin, but its predicted amino-acid sequence is nearly as different from the orang-utan alpha-globin (55 differences) as the human zeta-globin is from the human alpha-globin (59 differences), suggesting an ancient history for the theta 1-globin gene [9].

Biological context of Pongo pygmaeus


Anatomical context of Pongo pygmaeus


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Gene context of Pongo pygmaeus


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pongo pygmaeus


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