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Nonlinear Dynamics

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Disease relevance of Nonlinear Dynamics


High impact information on Nonlinear Dynamics

  • These results are integrated into a nonlinear model for mammalian NMD involving alternative routes of entry that converge at a common requirement of UPF1 [3].
  • We investigated the hypothesis by applying a battery of tests originally developed for nonlinear time series analysis and chaos theory to EEG data collected from 32 men who had participated in an ethanol/placebo challenge protocol [4].
  • The growth rate measurements for the air/SF6 and air/CO2 cases are in excellent agreement with the nonlinear model of Sadot et al. coupled with a reduction factor suggested by Rikanati et al [5].
  • This review describes evidence in support of nonlinear models and functional roles of TGF-beta signaling in mediating apoptosis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transdifferentiation (EMT) in chronic progressive renal disease [6].
  • RESULTS: Deviations from single-hit kinetics were frequently observed in the HTL assays and a nonlinear model was therefore used for analysis [7].

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