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Delivery Rooms

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Disease relevance of Delivery Rooms


High impact information on Delivery Rooms


Biological context of Delivery Rooms


Associations of Delivery Rooms with chemical compounds

  • This study shows that delivery room atmosphere is polluted by methoxyflurane (0.5--0.8 ppm) and nitrous oxide (300--540 ppm) and that a local gas exhaust system reduces the concentration by half [12].
  • Bloxsom (1901-1991), a pediatrician at the St Joseph Hospital in Houston, introduced his positive pressure oxygen air lock (AL) for the delivery room resuscitation of the asphyxiated newborn [13].
  • The medications most commonly used during delivery room resuscitation include epinephrine, sodium bicarbonate, naloxone hydrochloride and volume expanders [14].
  • The prevalent biotype (A8b trigonelline-) was isolated in the delivery room, in the operating room, in the Nursery and in the NICU from items, healthy infant excreters and affected infants; the second biotype (A3a) was isolated only in the NICU from staff, two healthy infant excreters and two affected infants [15].

Gene context of Delivery Rooms

  • Much attention in the literature has recently been paid to women's issues in epilepsy but most of the literature stops in the delivery room or at the first moment of suckling [16].
  • We report a case of an infant with Fraser syndrome that had not been diagnosed in the prenatal period who presented with impossible intubation due to severe long segment laryngeal atresia in the delivery room [17].
  • There are a number of issues which need to be adequately evaluated regarding the pathophysiology of MAS, the delivery room management of the meconium-stained infant, and the neonatal intensive care unit management of MAS [18].
  • ABC of labour care: care of the newborn in the delivery room [19].
  • Emergencies in the delivery room. (Part II) [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Delivery Rooms


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