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Maternal Mortality

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  • Thromboembolic disease is a leading cause of maternal mortality in the United States. Recently, inherited resistance to activated protein C has been recognized as a major risk factor for thrombosis and has been demonstrated in 20-60% of patients with clinically evident thrombosis [21].
  • During these ten years, the age standardized maternal mortality ratios (SMRs) of two regions was significantly raised, Thrace (SMR = 295, 95% CL = 187-443) and the Aegean Islands (SMR = 197, 95% CL = 117-311) [22].
  • GSP patients had significantly lower Ranson criteria than NGSP (0.7 vs. 1.9, P < 0.01), but response to initial therapy, need for emergency surgery, fetal outcome, and fetal and maternal mortality (0 per cent) were the same [23].
  • Maternal mortality in Cape Town, 1978-1983 [24].
  • The first case of maternal mortality with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy is reported [25].


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