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Ranvier's Nodes

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Disease relevance of Ranvier's Nodes


High impact information on Ranvier's Nodes

  • We therefore now report a comparison of the effects of a vegetable toxin (oenanthotoxin or OETX) on both sodium current (INa) and intra-membrane charge movement (Q) in Ranvier nodes [4].
  • Asymmetrical currents and sodium currents in Ranvier nodes exposed to DDT [5].
  • We propose that gliomedin provides a glial cue for the formation of peripheral nodes of Ranvier [6].
  • Dystroglycan may be required for the normal maintenance of voltage-gated sodium channels at nodes of Ranvier, possibly by mediating trans interactions between Schwann cell microvilli and the nodal axolemma [7].
  • The contactin mutation does not affect sodium channel clustering at the nodes of Ranvier but alters the location of the Shaker-type Kv1.1 and Kv1.2 potassium channels [8].

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