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Gene Review

Mag  -  myelin-associated glycoprotein

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Brain neuron cytoplasmic protein 3, Myelin-associated glycoprotein, Sialic acid-binding Ig-like lectin 4a, Siglec-4a
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Disease relevance of Mag


High impact information on Mag

  • In mature myelin, periaxin colocalizes with the myelin-associated glycoprotein in the cytoplasm-filled periaxonal regions of the sheath but is excluded from compact myelin [5].
  • In contrast, MAG promotes neurite outgrowth from newborn DRG neurons [2].
  • These results suggest that MAG may be responsible, in part, for the lack of CNS nerve regeneration in vivo and may influence, both temporally and spatially, regeneration in the PNS [2].
  • Therefore, the effects of hypothyroidism on MAG mRNA and protein levels were most likely caused by decreased mRNA stability [1].
  • MAG mRNA started to accumulate in the cerebrum of normal animals by postnatal day 7, reaching maximal levels by day 20 [1].

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