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Nerve Regeneration

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Associations of Nerve Regeneration with chemical compounds

  • These data provide evidence that an integrin receptor functions in nerve regeneration in vivo [25].
  • The goal of this work was to improve the potential of fibrin to promote nerve regeneration by enzymatically incorporating exogenous neurite-promoting heparin-binding peptides [26].
  • During nerve regeneration, the relative proportion of nucleosides to nucleotides was reversed, with uridine being the principal labeled compound in the first case, and AMP, ADP, and ATP being the major labeled compounds in the latter case [27].
  • First, topical capsaicin application can produce a uniform epidermal nerve fibre injury that is safe and well tolerated, and offers an efficient strategy to measure and study nerve regeneration in man [28].
  • Abnormal nerve regeneration in galactose neuropathy [29].

Gene context of Nerve Regeneration


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nerve Regeneration


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