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Mineral Waters

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Disease relevance of Mineral Waters


High impact information on Mineral Waters

  • Therefore, calcium from the CS-W was as well absorbed and retained as that from milk, and no calciuric effect of sulfate was found, showing that such mineral waters can be valuable dietary sources of calcium [4].
  • Then they were randomly divided into three groups, which for the next 79 days received either unfiltered boiled coffee (caffeine content 860 mg/l), boiled-and-filtered coffee (887 mg caffeine/l), or no coffee, the latter being replaced by fruit juice and mineral water [5].
  • The method was successfully applied to determination of sulphate in mineral waters containing a high chloride concentration and to determination of sulphate traces in an anticancer drug injection preparation containing a physiological level of chloride [6].
  • Group 1 consisted of 25 infants whose formula was diluted with LSMW (Eden Spring Mineral Water) having a sodium concentration of 32 mg/l (1.4 mmol/l) [7].
  • This paper reports on the overall technique and on its application to assess the radium-226 activity in 28 French mineral waters [8].

Biological context of Mineral Waters

  • Effect of sodium chloride- and sodium bicarbonate-rich mineral water on blood pressure and metabolic parameters in elderly normotensive individuals: a randomized double-blind crossover trial [9].
  • The fetal breathing index was studied following maternal ingestion of either a 100-ml triglyceride emulsion (Lipomul) plus 250 ml mineral water, or ingestion of 350 weeks' gestation were examined [10].
  • To find a threshold for inhibition of fibrinolysis and to study a binge effect, a second experiment was performed comparing the intake of four (500 mL, 40 g ethanol) and eight (1000 mL, 80 g ethanol) glasses of red wine with mineral water [11].
  • As part of a national programme, 222Rn in public water supply systems, private wells and in natural mineral waters has been measured in some locations of Algiers City. Radon concentration was determined by means of a passive method based on the use of electret ion chambers (EIC) [12].

Anatomical context of Mineral Waters


Associations of Mineral Waters with chemical compounds

  • CONCLUSION: Consumption of sodium chloride-rich mineral water can abolish the blood pressure reduction induced by dietary salt restriction in elderly individuals [9].
  • Several French mineral waters have been studied and the results compared with determinations of uranium and thorium concentrations by ICPMS and time-resolved laser induced fluorescence (TRLIF) [15].
  • The procedure developed was applied to the measurement of nitrate in a certified reference material (stimulated rainwater, CRM 409 from Community Bureau of Reference), in sparkling mineral water, and in tap water [16].
  • After balance was achieved (4 days), the subjects were randomly assigned to drink 3 liters/day of a NaHCO3-containing mineral water (26.2 mmol/l sodium and 33.03 mmol/l HCO3) or a control solution containing equimolar amounts of cations as the chloride salt for 7 days (total daily sodium 138 mmol) [17].
  • We evaluate the influence of 3 types of mineral water on urinary analytes in 22 idiopathic calcium oxalate stone formers [18].

Gene context of Mineral Waters

  • Five hours after the consumption of six glasses of wine, a dramatic increase occurred of PAI-1 antigen (77 +/- 42 microg L-1 vs. - 5 +/- 10 microg L-1 in the mineral water controls; P < 0.001) and PAI-1 activity (27 +/- 15 U mL-1 vs. - 2 +/- 3 U mL-1 in mineral water controls; P < 0.001) [11].
  • We examined the effects of moderate consumption of red wine, beer and spirits in comparison with mineral water on paraoxonase activity in serum [19].
  • Ingestion of high-calcium mineral water completely suppressed the CTX response [20].
  • Mineral water fortified with folic acid, vitamins B6, B12, D and calcium improves folate status and decreases plasma homocysteine concentration in men and women [13].
  • Fifteen strains from two emergent mineral waters were isolated and tentatively identified with API 20NE and BIOLOG GN systems [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mineral Waters


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