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South Australia

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Disease relevance of South Australia


High impact information on South Australia


Chemical compound and disease context of South Australia


Biological context of South Australia

  • RESULTS: Greater exposure to fluoride in water was associated with lower dmfs and DMFS in both states (P < .01), although in South Australia the effect for DMFS was statistically significant only after controlling for extent of unknown fluoridation exposure and for fluoride supplements [13].
  • The first 50 patients to use a Bard PCA 1, in the Port Lincoln Hospital, South Australia, were studied [14].

Anatomical context of South Australia

  • SETTING: Exercise Physiology Laboratory, The Flinders University of South Australia. SUBJECTS: Sixteen male subjects (age 23.1 +/- 4.7 y (s.d.); mass 73.73 +/- 8.9 kg; VO2max 60.2 +/- 6.3 ml. kg-1.min-1; height 180.3 +/- 5.0 cm; body fat 14.6 +/- 5.4%) were selected from a pool of respondents to our advertisements [15].
  • Thirteen per cent of all corneas harvested by the Eye Bank of South Australia during 1986 were discarded because storage time in McCarey-Kaufman medium exceeded four days [16].

Associations of South Australia with chemical compounds

  • In south Australia these introduced European helicid snails are commonly infected with brachylaimid intermediate larval stages and are considered to be the source of the human infection [17].
  • Participants were former workers from the Radium Hill uranium mine, which operated in eastern South Australia from 1952 to 1961 [18].
  • A Select Committee of the Parliament of South Australia, considering revisions to legislation governing care of the dying, did not support allowing doctors to assist suicide [19].
  • At Flinders University of South Australia, females comprise approximately 25% of academics in the School of Medicine, with 75% of general staff (including research staff without academic status, e.g. research assistants, research officers) being female [20].
  • It has become popular with participants in "raves", because it enhances energy, endurance and sexual arousal, together with the widespread belief that MDMA is a safe drug [Byard, R.W., Gilbert, J., James, R., Lokan, R.J., 1998. Amphetamine derivative fatalities in South Australia. Is "ecstasy" the culprit? Am. J. Forensic Med. Pathol. 19, 261-265] [21].

Gene context of South Australia

  • OBJECTIVE: To determine the sensitivity of antenatal screening methods for neural tube defects in population-based screening in South Australia in 1986-1991, and whether ultrasound can replace serum alpha-fetoprotein screening in terms of achieving an equivalent level of sensitivity [3].
  • SUBJECTS: 1140 randomly-selected Australian adults aged 18-78 y resident in the city of Adelaide, South Australia. MEASUREMENTS: Data on self-reported and measured height and weight as well as measured waist circumference were drawn from the Pilot Survey of the Fitness of Australians database [22].
  • A population of Egernia stokesii was surveyed for six seasons on Camel Hill, South Australia. At this site individuals occupied rock crevices for refuges on an isolated rocky outcrop of about 1.5 ha [23].
  • Long-term marine litter monitoring in the remote Great Australian Bight, South Australia [24].
  • The regulations governing the sale of S3 preparations in South Australia state that they must be sold under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist, but, in the majority of cases, this did not occur [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of South Australia


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