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Hospitals, Public

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Disease relevance of Hospitals, Public

  • We applied this methodology to the analysis of data from a cohort of 3,027 patients enrolled from a hospital-based surveillance system of HIV infection in the Bordeaux University Hospital and four secondary public hospitals in southwestern France. A total of 998 individuals (33%) progressed to AIDS during a median follow-up period of 34 months [1].
  • Analysis of hospital-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from a tertiary public hospital in Singapore revealed that multisusceptible strains had gradually started to replace the endemic multiresistant strain (ST239-MRSA-III) since 2002 [2].
  • SETTING: A 20-bed medical unit in a public hospital in Marseille, France. PARTICIPANTS: Healthcare workers of an infectious disease unit INTERVENTIONS: Hand hygiene alcohol systems (sprayer vs individual bottle, 70% ethyl alcohol) [3].
  • A retrospective chart review was performed for all of 1995 of all the patients admitted to the emergency departments of 3 main public hospitals of Quito for poisoning, excluding those who had ethanol and food poisoning [4].
  • The study consisted of a cross-sectional review of the charts of 111 patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) (Creatinine >1.5 mg/dL for males, Creatinine > 1.3 mg/dL for females) followed either in a private practice or a public hospital clinic [5].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Hospitals, Public

  • OBJECTIVE: To determine the frequency of cutaneous reactions in a group of HIV-infected adults attending a public hospital HIV clinic who received nevirapine, delavirdine, or both, as well as the consequences of rechallenge with the same or alternative agent [12].

Biological context of Hospitals, Public


Associations of Hospitals, Public with chemical compounds

  • SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: Although the exact causal relation between smoking crack cocaine and a subsequent juxtapyloric perforation has not been defined, surgical services in urban public hospitals now treat significant numbers of male addicts with such perforations [9].
  • This analysis shows that spraying pyrethroids for WNV control in New York City was not followed by population-level increases in public hospital ED visit rates for asthma [18].
  • BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to describe the variability in caesarean rates in the public hospitals in the Valencia Region, Spain, and to analyse the association between caesarean sections and clinical and extra-clinical factors [19].
  • The present study investigated the factors affecting whether or not a patient was prescribed and administered a benzodiazepine in a public hospital [20].
  • This study assessed the value of introducing the measurement of free phenytoin levels in a public hospital [21].

Gene context of Hospitals, Public

  • We tested this hypothesis on the orthopaedic surgery ward of a university-affiliated public hospital with 1228 beds by determining whether there was a significant correlation between the colonization pressure exerted by MRSA and the number of cases of acquired MRSA [22].
  • BACKGROUND: During the SARS epidemic, mass fever screening at border control points and public hospitals was done by measuring forehead temperature by non-contact infrared thermometry [23].
  • METHODS: A sample of general and specialist physicians was selected from private outpatient clinics and public hospitals in Japan. Physicians were provided two clinical vignettes (COPD and asthma) and asked to make a diagnosis [24].
  • SETTING: Large urban public hospital [25].
  • Hospitalizations for variceal bleeding in French public hospitals followed a similar seasonal pattern (p < 0.001) with a winter-spring predominance (4% to 7% from December through April), except in patients aged 15-49 yr [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hospitals, Public

  • DESIGN: Prospective cohort study of women (n = 4527) who received antenatal care at a major public hospital (Mater Misericordiae Hospital) in South Brisbane between 1981 and 1984 and who have follow-up data on alcohol use, depressive and anxiety symptoms over a 14-year period [27].
  • Between October and December 2000, a region-wide prevalence study of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) was conducted in all public hospitals (59 facilities with ca. 16000 beds; 560000 admission yearly) in Piemonte Region, Italy, and in the one hospital of the neighbouring autonomous region of Valle d'Aosta [28].
  • SETTING: Subjects were admitted to a large public hospital in Southern California which is a member of the Model Spinal Cord Injury System. Rehabilitation occurred on two 30-bed units [29].
  • This study validated a self-reported smoking prevalence questionnaire against urinary cotinine levels among women referred to a Sydney based public hospital colposcopy clinic over the period November 1997 to June 1998 [30].
  • SAMPLE/SETTING: The sample consisted of 60 registered nurses from the intensive care unit (ICU), operation room (OR), or renal and surgical units in one of the public hospitals under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority [31].


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