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Disease relevance of Siderosis


High impact information on Siderosis

  • Constant subcutaneous deferoxamine administration may prove to be an effective and practical means of eliminating large quantities of iron in siderosis [6].
  • 4-Dimethylaminoazobenzene was fed to Wistar-derived, male, albino rats after hepatic siderosis had been induced by including ferric citrate in the diet [7].
  • These findings indicate that in some cases of neonatal hemochromatosis, extrahepatic siderosis may be caused by hepatic injury rather than primarily due to excessive transport of iron from mother to fetus and support speculation that in some instances an infective agent may be responsible [2].
  • Subnormal activity of hepatic uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase is responsible for the derangement of porphyrin biosynthesis in both sporadic and familial porphyria cutanea tarda, but the enzymatic defect is not clinically expressed in the absence of hepatic siderosis [1].
  • Heterozygosity for HLA-linked hemochromatosis as a likely cause of the hepatic siderosis associated with sporadic porphyria cutanea tarda [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of Siderosis


Biological context of Siderosis


Anatomical context of Siderosis


Gene context of Siderosis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Siderosis


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