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Gene Review

SLC40A1  -  solute carrier family 40 (iron-regulated...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FPN1, Ferroportin-1, HFE4, IREG1, Iron-regulated transporter 1, ...
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Disease relevance of SLC40A1

  • We identified a novel D270V mutation in the SLC40A1 gene in a Black South African female with iron overload [1].
  • Expression of DMT1 and Ireg1 was increased 1.5 to 3-fold in subjects with cirrhosis compared with iron-replete control subjects [2].
  • In cirrhosis, the expression of DMT1 and Ireg1 was not related to the severity of liver disease or cirrhosis type [2].
  • There was no correlation between the duodenal expression of DMT1 and Ireg1 and the degree of hepatic siderosis [2].
  • No rare variants at 15 more loci at HFE, TFR2, and FPN1 were observed in breast cancer patients [3].
  • The S338R mutation results in a mutated ferroportin associated with iron overload and is predicted insensitive to regulation by the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin [4].
  • Non-classical ferroportin disease is associated with a higher risk of fibrosis and a more severe overload of hepatic iron [5].

High impact information on SLC40A1


Biological context of SLC40A1

  • CONCLUSIONS: DMT1 and FP1 are centrally involved in iron uptake/transfer in the duodenum and in the adaptive changes of iron homeostasis to iron deficiency and overload [9].
  • BACKGROUND AND AIMS: While upregulation of divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1) and iron regulated gene 1 (IREG1) within duodenal enterocytes is reported in patients with hereditary haemochromatosis (HH), these findings are controversial [10].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These findings demonstrate that untreated HH patients do not have increased duodenal DMT1 and IREG mRNA, but rather phlebotomy increases expression of these molecules, reflecting the effect of phlebotomy induced erythropoiesis [10].
  • Ferroportin protein expression was increased in C282Y homozygotes (n = 23) compared to wild-type patients (n = 37) (P < 0.003) [11].
  • CONCLUSIONS: We demonstrate that the iron responsive element in the SLC40A1 gene is functional and that it controls gene expression through the cytoplasmic iron regulatory protein system [12].

Anatomical context of SLC40A1


Associations of SLC40A1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of SLC40A1

  • The basolateral transfer of iron requires two components: a copper-containing iron oxidase known as hephaestin and a membrane transport protein IREG1 [19].

Regulatory relationships of SLC40A1

  • At the same time, IFN-gamma and LPS down-regulated the expression of ferroportin mRNA, a putative iron exporter, and decreased iron release from monocytes [20].
  • The mRNAs for TfR-1 and, potentially, FPN-1 are posttranscriptionally regulated by iron regulatory protein (IRP)-1 and IRP-2 [21].

Other interactions of SLC40A1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SLC40A1


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