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Chemical Compound Review

Terranas     1-[bis(4- fluorophenyl)methyl]-4- [(2,3,4...

Synonyms: Migsis, Lomerizine HCl, Terranas (TN), DE-090, AG-A-17849, ...
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Disease relevance of lomerizine

  • These results suggest that calcium influx into neurons participates in the pathogenesis of DND, and also that KB-2796 might prevent both morphological and functional cell damage in CA1 neurons induced by transient ischemia [1].
  • This study demonstrates that although MK-801 or KB-2796 does not prevent paraplegia due to spinal cord ischemia in the rabbit, both drugs can influence the rate of recovery after ischemic injury [2].
  • The protective effect of KB-2796 exceeds the effect of calcium blockers previously used in experimental spinal cord ischemia [3].
  • These results suggest that the protective effect of KB-2796 in cerebral hypoxia and ischemia is due in part to a mechanism independent of its effects as a cerebral vasodilator [4].
  • KB-2796 showed an apparent protective potency against complete ischemia induced by decapitation, normobaric hypoxia and KCN-induced death in mice [4].

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Associations of lomerizine with other chemical compounds

  • Intrarenal infusion of KB-2796 at 30 micrograms/kg/min and nicardipine at 0.3 microgram/kg/min produced a significant increase in GFR, RBF, UF, urinary excretion of electrolytes, and renin secretion rate [7].
  • According to the hypothesis that calcium antagonists can potentiate the analgesic effect of opioids, we designed a study to investigate the effects of KB-2796, a new calcium channel blocker, on the antinociception of fentanyl at the level of the spinal cord in rats [11].

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